Creative Pre-Wedding Photography and Pre Wedding Photographers in Singapore

Document the journey leading up to your special day. I offer Singapore couples the chance to capture the exciting time before marriage with engagement and pre-wedding photography services. It can be nice to have some professional pictures that are set away from the drama and excitement of the wedding day. The time between engagement and marriage can be one of the times where couples feel closest to one another. It is a perfect time to take photographs which capture the true essence of what the relationship is all about, in an understated, elegant way. Pics Can Fly offer professional pre-wedding and engagement photography services for couples in Singapore. For more information on pre wedding photographers in Singapore contact us on +65 9762 6274.

The focus of my pre-wedding work is in capturing the unique individual bond that each couple shares and conveying that in a way that reflects both their style and taste. So whether you want opulent images reminiscent of a golden era gone by or earthy, pared back shots that convey the essence of your relationship, I have the skills and creativity to carry it off. From my professional experience I have found that the most beautiful, striking pictures are taken when the couple are truly in their element, being their authentic selves and enjoying one another’s presence.

A Unique Artistic Process

I try to develop a relationship with each and every couple that I photograph. I feel that capturing the true essence of a couple’s love requires a kind of personal insight that many photographers lack. That why when I work with a couple pre-wedding, I take the time to get to know them, so I can better understand how to photograph them. Usually I will meet with them and find out about the things that they mutually enjoy and value, what things bring them together and make them unique. From there I’ll work with them to devise a shoot that is reflective of their interests and chemistry. This could involve taking photographs at the scene in Singapore where they first met, of the pair partaking in their favourite hobbies, or simply spending time in a beautiful place and having fun.

For more information on the range of pre-wedding and engagement photography services I offer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I offer a wide range of services to suit every Singapore couple’s budget, needs and tastes. In addition to wedding day photography, I can do pre-wedding sessions, family pictures and offer a number of packages. For more information on the packages and services that I offer as a photographer in Singapore and around the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.