Stunning Wedding Packages

Wedding Photography Packages Singapore, Wedding Photography Prices Singapore

Cherish your commitment with unique images of your special day. Wedding photography tends to be fairly predictable. There is usually one of the bridal party all posed formally with frozen grins, some awkward family photographs and of course the predictable shot of the bride and groom standing out the front of the church. These are nice for those who want to keep with tradition, but they often fail to capture the true spirit of the day, the spontaneous joy and fun that is inevitable when family and friends are gathered together to celebrate an important lifer event. Capturing spontaneous moments of happiness and love is what Pics Can Fly specialise in. Our wedding photography packages include all of the traditional shots, each with a little bit of a twist. What we are really known for though, is for photographing unique moments that celebrate the true individuality of the couple getting married. Pics Can Fly’s wedding photography packages prices are an excellent & affordable in Singapore.

From the excitement of the bridesmaids getting the bride into her dress, and the groomsmen playing around whilst waiting for the bridal party to arrive, through to the end of the night with slow dancing, speeches and tears, I have plenty of innovative ways to ensure many memorable wedding photos. Pics Can Fly’s wedding packages are an excellent choice for couples who want truly remarkable photos that reflect their personality.

Taking a Personal Approach to Photos

I believe that a truly great wedding photo requires a combination of insight, skill, and instinct. That’s why I get to know every couple who purchases the package service. Understanding what bonds a couple together, what influences their tastes and what they value are all important elements that inform my work. The result of this insight is truly unique images that are achievable because the couple feels comfortable working with me, and I understand what they want and how they want to be portrayed.

When you choose to work with Pics Can Fly you are choosing to be different. If you would like any more information on the range of photography packages and services on offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.