Singapore's Unique Wedding Photographer

Preserve your memories in a unique, creative way with Pics Can Fly. I am an experienced wedding photographer with years of experience helping Singapore couples artistically commemorate their special day. Important moments pass in the blink of an eye, but I have the skills and creativity to capture not only a visual record of the event but to preserve the feelings of excitement and love which characterize the day.

There is a kind of repetitiveness when it comes to the wedding photography industry in Singapore. Often, a wedding photographer will play it safe and traditional with formal, unnaturally posed pictures which fail to encapsulate the spirit of the event or the unique bond that is being celebrated. With my work I attempt to break away from tradition by taking lively, spontaneous photographs full of laughter, beauty, and joy. A wedding is planned to reflect the couple who are getting married; it reflects their values, passions, and hopes. I create photographs that reflect the truly unique nature of love and romance.

My aesthetic tends toward an informal ‘behind the scenes’ style as I believe this is where the most honest, heartfelt images come from. I like the subjects in my images to be relaxed and unselfconscious. I strive to create photographs that are not simply a visual record of the day, but precious artefacts that evoke the atmosphere of excitement and optimism of the day whenever they are viewed.

Taking an Exceptional Approach to Wedding Photography

Whether you choose to have a grand wedding in Singapore with all of your family and friends or keep it low key with an intimate, beachside gathering in an exotic, overseas location, it would be my honour to take your pictures. As a seasoned wedding photographer I have had experience working at a diverse range of events. I go beyond the idea of bride and groom and instead, try to photograph the individuals who have made this commitment in the first place. My individualized focus means that I adapt my photographs to suit your personal style and tastes. This can mean anything from photographing the groom looking dapper under an enormous chandelier or taking shots of a barefoot bride when the wind flutters her white dress on the beach.

If you would feel like I would be a good fit to photograph your wedding be it in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on +65 9762 6274.

About You

Yes, the photographs are about you—your special moment, your personality, your style.

As a photographer, my passion is to capture that split-second moment that reveals the spirit of who you are. Hence, I am interested to know you—not merely as a client but as a person. Your story, your inputs are important.

I hope to capture you in your element. And for that to happen, I believe that you need a photographer who is both affable and sensitive. Affable because we are most comfortable when we are among friends. We are not afraid to let our hair down. We feel free to be ourselves.

Sensitive because you don’t have all the time in the world. You need someone who can understand your thoughts and feelings quickly. Someone whom you can trust will do a good job.

In essence, let’s have fun as we seal those precious moments in beautiful images.

About Me

I fell in love with photography after a holiday trip. Upon returning home, I bought myself a camera. There is no turning back ever since. Rather, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with photography.

I’m interested in people and photography allows me to capture that touching moment, that beautiful smile, that innocence, that radiance and stories told in the different faces i see.

Friends have asked me why I did not go into commercial photography or fine art photography. My answer is simple. I love wedding photography. I love being involved in one of life’s biggest moments.

Often, after a hard day’s work, I find myself walking from the shoot inspired. I learned to treasure the people around me more. I learned to express my love for them more freely. In short, I walked away a better person.

Thank you for allowing me to play a part on your special day!